Should Be A Poll But It's A Quiz!!!

Have you ever wanted to take a poll and quiz at the same time? Do you want the world to know ur Favorite Stuff? Well I've got a solution for you! Just take my quiz! It's simple, Fun, and a little irritating. If you love taking polls, this is the quiz for you!

Yeah So i've told you about this quiz. Go ahead and take it! Please!!! After taking this, please comment!! Tell your friends about my quiz!!! C'mon! If I leave anything out, let me know!

Created by: Lillie

  1. What's your Favorite Band Out of these?
  2. What's Your Fave Animal?
  3. *Random* Do you have a crush? Be Honest.
  4. If You Do Have A Crush what's his/her name?
  5. Best Game ever?
  6. Best Dog Breed? Sorry if I spell any wrong.
  7. Whats the best color?
  8. Fave Cartoon show?
  9. Do You Like My Quiz/Poll?
  10. Last One. Whats the Best Food Ever?

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