Alabama's National Ranking

So, so far 'Bama is 10-0, ranked #1 in the AP, Coaches, and BCS polls, and have already clinched the SEC Western Division Championship, but what have we really accomplished so far? This quiz was designed to see what you think!

So what DO you think? In just a minute or two you could contribute to my poll and let me know how optimistic-or unrealistic-of a fan you really are when it comes to Alabama football!

Created by: Josh

  1. As of November 13th, 2008, where does Alabama's football team, currently #1 in all major polls, deserve to be ranked?
  2. Do you think that 'Bama will win against Auburn this year?
  3. If the Tide does win what do you think will be closest to the final score?
  4. Will we likely win the SEC championship game against the Gators?
  5. Guess the final SEC Championship Game score.
  6. If we get to the National Championship Game, will we win it?
  7. Guess the final of the NCG.
  8. What kind of regular season do you think we'll likely have next year, assuming a comparable schedule?
  9. How long do you think Nick Saban will stay with the Tide?
  10. What will Nick Saban's career winning percentage at Alabama be when he leaves?

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