Do You Know Crimson Tide Athletics?

There are only a few die hard Alabama fans. I happen to be a big one. I highly doubt you are as big of a fan as I am, but you can try. You have to make a 100 to match me, so see if you can match me. Give it a go.

Are you the ultimate die hard Alabama fan? See if you are by taking my Alabama Crimson Tide Athletics quiz. Sure you've been to Alabama sporting events, but do you really know Crimson Tide Athletics? I don't know if you are.

Created by: Chris Colvard

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  1. Who holds the Crimson Tide record for passing yards in a single game?
  2. Which Crimson Tide lineman won the Outland Trophy in 1999?
  3. Which former Crimson Tide player is the new Alabama offensive coordinator named after?
  4. Which high school did former Alabama SEC Basketball Player of the Year Erwin Dudley attend?
  5. Who is the Crimson Tide baseball coach?
  6. Who was Alabama's QB in 1979?
  7. Which MLB franchise is former Alabama baseball player Lance Cormier with?
  8. Which high school did former Crimson Tide shooting guard Terrance Meade attend?
  9. What was Alabama's football record in 1998?
  10. Which baseball team did Alabama beat in the Super Regionals to advance to the College World Series?

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Quiz topic: Do I Know Crimson Tide Athletics?