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  • "What are u practicing"
  • notes to your crush.
    "Mine was, Dear ----, I really like you. Not just as friends but more. Your Friend, -----"
  • "I have the same problem! SOOOO annoying!!!!"
    "*Dances and grabs a bag of chips*"
  • MATH
    "My mom is making me start my math 2 weeks before school starts! YUCK"
  • Awesome!!!!!
    "I just crewed on an X boat at my local yacht club for the first time! it was awesome except I forgot to wear gloves so my hands are ripped u..."
  • "Whatever"
  • Problems
    "This stuff is inappropriate eVen for teens! So that's why I'm leaving!"
  • Problems
    "Guys, I thought GTQ was a quiz sight for people to have fun and chat, but seriously it is just a place that people cuss and talk about s-x. ..."
  • Chat
    "Any Guys wanna chat?"
  • describe your crush(s)!
    "Cute, childish. Really devoted"
  • lets see who likes who!
    "Gender:F Age:11-14 Appearance: Not pretty but nice looking Personality: Nice, sensitive,shy. Tell me you like me and I "
  • Bye!
    "Bye guys! I'm leaving"
  • Sarah
    "aw[no urls] how sad"
  • just a question...
    "Awkward but then amazing"

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