lets see who likes who!

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Thread Topic: lets see who likes who!

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    Gender: I've fu*king told everyone my gender already. T.T

    Age: 14 going on 15

    Appearance: I have not too long but not too short wavy golden brown hair. Some freckles on my face, and my eyes don't match. And I'm 5'4".

    Personality: I am very smart, introverted, I fu*king hate being hugged and touched in real life, I can be very nice as long as you're not messing with my friends. I am very stubborn and short-tempered. One more thing: My mind is so fu*king filthy. XD
  • Flyinghorsey Novice
    Appearance: Not pretty but nice looking
    Personality: Nice, sensitive,shy. Tell me you like me and I won't mind. Clean mind and I don't cuss
  • Damask Novice
    I'll love anyone who is a scientist or is into HTML or is a total computer geek. I have straight dark blond hair and hazel eyes, pale white skin and tiny little freckles across my nose. I like to read and study science. I'm a genius but I get really bad grades because I'm always too busy studying college-level stuff to do my homework. I dress very classy; black and white stuff. I love damask, silver sparkles, and cats. If you don like cats, I can't love you. I'm a vegetarian. Oh yeah an I can't love you if you're not a Christian. I like to make and take dating quizzes online. I'm 15.
  • Damask Novice
    Oh and BTW I have nice boobs ;)
  • Damask Novice
    Oh and I am a HUGE introvert. I don't like friends because they annoy me and waste my time when I could be working on science. I'm American. I have sports but I'm skinny and I'm a pear shape (people who aren't into fashion wouldn't understand) I don't drink, smoke, or do any of that crap. I like to swear but I try not to. I don't go to parties or even outside of I can help it. I am very opinionated and into politics. I am a pessimist. I'm scared of hippies and suffocation.
  • Damask Novice
    Hate not have
  • Alleria Novice
    Gender: female
    personality: quiet, shy, talkative, nice, weird
    Looks: dark brown eyes, long thick dark brown hair, dark-skinned ( medium tan-ish), i'm not pretty--average looking, I guess..I wear glasses...(and hearing aids...go ahead, you can laugh now.)
    Hobbies: reading, writing, drawing, acting, singing, cooking etc
    I have an average looking body, meat on my bones, I have small breasts, nothing to really see dudes I don't know how tall I am... I'm short
    I like normal clothes I design for myself.
    I don't do drugs, smoke or anything like that.
    I have this weird thing for older guys that are like 1 or 2 years old than me, tall, dark or blonde, and handsome...I like old-fashioned stuff( I have a little OCD, but nothing really extreme. I'm not a neat freak) I love to eat anything that is given to me... except for fish... and deer meat.
    I love to listen to soft rock like Evanescence, Linkin Park, or Paramore.
    In my free time, I draw people, realistically from a photo, or read and write my books. I don't have that many friends maybe 2-3 but I'm trying to get my confidence boosted up by talking to people(not really going so well)!

    My favorite shows are Supernatural, Teen Wolf, The Vampire Diaries, Touched by An Angel, Scare Tactics and 30 Rock...
    Fav books: Beautiful Creatures series, The Host by Stephenie Meyer(the only book I like), any Stephen King book, Dead Beautiful by Yvonne Woon(NOT the Beautiful Dead) series, basically any book I love to read.
    Fav movies: The Craft(1999), The Covenant(2006), Death Tunnel (2005), The Rock(199?), Silent Hill (200?), Ghost Ship(2000), Titanic(1997), Beautiful Creatures(2013) and The Host(2013).
    That's it. I think...Any questions, please feel free to ask! :)
  • hanxbmx Junior
    looks: long dark auburn hair, brown eyes, medium lips, petite, nice body (so iv been told...constantly getting complaments on my butt...) for cloths, i just they are pretty like...idk what to consider it. i will wear athletic cloths when im lazy (yoga pants and sports bras) but for my every day wear, lets just say im always lookin good (sorry if i sound concieted) i wear skinny jeans or tight shorts all the time and cloths from like top shop!

    personality: ummm im one of those loud when u get to know me kinda people, but i will talk to u other wise, i play video games (mainly legend of zelda and skyrim), i am a singer/song writer/piano player, i also play guitar a bit too, im an actor, i love photography, im good at art, i BMX race, i excel at soccer, im pretty trustworthy and i listen really well...im also a bit of a complainer.... haha and lazy, but im working on changing that! XD im blunt at times when its needed but not too much to hurt someone
    im decently smart! a little above average for my age :D haha but im not a nerd lol

    other: im by all means NOT into any of that modern pop crap like justin beiber and that one direction band or anything like them! i like panic at the disco, sleeping with sirens, peirce the veil, nevershoutnever and other bands like that! hmmm i guess the only shows i watch are like revenge, the walking dead and the voice...other than that, im like always online or playing video games! ahah...my faovirte movies are (not that ud care to know)insidious, thor, avengers, and cloudy with a chance of meatballs.....im sorry i just let my nerdy side unleash there..XD
    so yeah XD if you have any question, just ask!
    ps. i can make yall a sandwich... but i can promise you, THATS IT! im not a good cook
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    wolf_heart Novice
    I'm a hippy and a nerd! And I'm proud of it! :D
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    LuckyFirefly Novice
    Yay! Nerds rule!
  • Monkey_Love Novice
    Gender: FEMALE!
    Age: 13 going on 14
    Personality: Weird, talkative, nice, funny, tomboy.
    Looks: Black straight hair down to my mid-ribs, bright blue eyes, nice body(people complement me on my boobs+butt), I'm 5'2, I wear.. skinny jeans/short-shorts, any shirt that doesn't make my boobs hang out, and honestly, and shoe(I'm not very picky).
    I might as well be a nerd, my grades are A+ to A-.
    Other: Umm.. I kind of forgot to say this at the top, so... yeah. I'm one of those people that are really shy and quiet at first, but once you get to know me, I'm really weird. And, I'm a girl with LOW self esteem, and people argue with me when I say that I'm ugly.
    I play just about any sport. I played football, but they said that the new coach thought that I made the team look girly. That's about it.
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    absol heart Junior
    I have a girlfriend, but okay.

    name: Jason
    looks: tall, (I don't know exactly, sorry XD)skinny, (you can see my spine I think still) dirty blonde hair, peach skin, freckles, glasses, (I think brown eyes, people say so many different things) and I wear a size 9 shoe.
    personality: I hate fish (im trying to fix that, I am going to have to get used to fish if im ever going to move to japan) I love joking around, and I cant really be serious unless I want to. I have a huge appetite, and I play many card games, saving up for a DnD game set.
    hobbies include: going on gtq, writing books then never finishing them eventually ending up in throwing them away, playing on a computer, and going to card game shops and nerding out.
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    The Geek Experienced
    *see's words "computer geek" "HTML" "classy" "boobs" "cats"*
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    Br0wnieBunny Junior
    Sounds like fun! Let Brown-Brown give this a try.

    Name: Madison.
    Age: 11, going on 12.
    Gender: I think it's pretty obvious that you guys all know that I'm female.
    Looks: 5'2 tall, fairly slim, sorta like cocoa brown hair that is as long as the waist (it goes down to the waist), hazelnut brown eyes, kinda pale but fairly tanned skin, little white blemishes, about 100 lbs., wears 7/12 in womans shoes.
    Personality: I'm friendly when welcoming people into my fairly large circle of friends, and I'm very intelligent (I nearly skipped a grade before I finished 5th grade this year). I can sometimes act immature because I'm just like that. I'm a bit bossy when things act out differently as what I planned, and I have a short-temper. I like to use big words like extraordinary and chrysanthemum.
    Hobbies: Video games (mostly computer games), art (drawing, painting, sculpting, etc.), playing with animals
  • Damask Novice
    Um, The Geek, are you talking to me? If so, maybe you could write some things about yourself? :-)

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