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  • boy help
    "Ok so we have christmas banquet next week saturday and Im at a loss cause I don't have anyone to go with or sit with as of now so I was at l..."
  • crush help
    "guys im a girl....the person im talking about in this is a boy... lmfao :D"
  • "yeah i feel ya :/ the only boy i actually had a chance with, i completely ruined it by showing him how much of a freak i am :( i basically r..."
  • I need help :(
    "kinda going thro something similar. i think like....idk whether to tell him that you like him or not :/ i mean in my case, its my best frien..."
  • help
    "please help.... im kinda like really freaking cause she really likes him :("
  • what should I do?????/
    "im legit freaking out about this"
  • what should I do?????/
    "holy mother of god... o m f g..... ok first of all the reason im freaking out is because i have a frien"
  • help
    "ok so i need help with this boy. He started texting me in may and we text quite a bit! he is legit my dream dude so like of course i kinda s..."
  • help
  • "hug because your prof pic has the color purple in it and i LOOOVE purple XD"
  • lets see who likes who!
    "looks: long dark auburn hair, brown eyes, medium lips, petite, nice body (so iv been told...constantly getting complaments on my butt...) fo..."
  • crush help
    "iv got a question. so this thing happened this one tiem at school and i wanna know what yall think. so he was sitting in the mac lab on the ..."
  • Thor 2
    "Ok so in the Thor The Dark World trailer, towards the end we see someone fall to their knees as if they are dying and then Thor screams "NO!..."
  • How many girls agree?
    "YES! I agree to this post so much!"
  • "something happy happened today with me and the guy i like. so in viscom class, we did movie posters but we photoshopped ourselves into the p..."

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