Horse Quiz-Show what you know!!!

There are many horse experts out there. But they dont relise that they are great this is why i have made this quiz featuring easier then other questions! So see if your a expert in the horse world!

So you looking forward to (maybe) a change in your life? This quiz will maybe get you a horse or if you have one you might find out your the perfect owner!!! Quick find out your results!!!!!!!

Created by: becky

  1. what is the 5 commonest horse breeds?
  2. what is the 5 commonest horse breeds?
  3. What is the illness that a horse can get if there are to much sugers in the grass?
  4. What are the symptoms of Thrush?
  5. What is a black and white horse called?
  6. What is the smallest horse in the world?
  7. What is the height that a pony becomes a horse?
  8. Where does the quater horse oringinate from?
  9. What is used on a horse if it is in pain?
  10. What colour is a brown and white?

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