Horse Show Quiz

The first seven questions are about the color of the ribbons. So if you don't live in the U.S., then some of them will have different correct answers. The last three are some basic things about showing.

Horse showing is a great thing, so why not have a quiz all about it? This was just a quiz with some very, very, basic questions. If you don't do so well, well then that's okay. Just try harder next time.

Created by: Lindsay

  1. What color is the first place ribbon?
  2. What is the second place ribbon color?
  3. What is the third place ribbon color?
  4. What color is the fourth place ribbon?
  5. What color is the fifth place ribbon?
  6. What color is the sixth place ribbon?
  7. What color is the seventh place ribbon?
  8. There are three basic 'levels' of shows. What is the lowest one?
  9. If on the showbill it said that you can wear a sweatshirt and jeans as long as you had a helmet, what SHOULD you do?
  10. What does scratch mean?

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