Basic Horse Facts

This is a quiz about basic horse knowledge, but there are a few questions in here that make it bit more challenging for more horsey people. The total point of this quiz is to see if you have good horse knowledge!

A good horse person will get most of these questions, if not all, correct. This quiz is just for fun. I did research an answer if I did not know it for certain, so all of this information IS correct.

Created by: Hannah

  1. What is a fixed male horse called?
  2. Can appaloosas be an appaloosa if it doesn't have spots?
  3. What position do you go into when going over a jump?
  4. What are THREE characteristics of an ARABIAN?
  5. How do you tell a horse and a pony apart?
  6. What is another name for the horse color "chestnut"?
  7. What is a "hand"?
  8. What is a "green" horse?
  9. What is the difference between Hunter Jumping and Show Jumping?
  10. What is running, standing, and Irish?
  11. What breed is well known for their natural, trot-like gait?
  12. Can Arabians be pintos?
  13. Why do horses colic?
  14. What are the three legs of the Triple Crown?
  15. What are the three legs of the Triple Crown?
  16. Is a pinto the same thing as a paint?
  17. How many times a day should you typically feed your horse? (Some horses have weird stomachs/ digestive systems)
  18. LAST QUESTION! How many times a day should you typically water your horse?

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