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  • 1x1 with dragon
    ""Careful not to lose the way," Lyra repeated."
  • Letter Association Game!
  • Two Truths and One Lie
  • "Serial killer"
  • "Hi, Lies! Also, Spice... how could you? D:"
  • You may have stolen me,
    "Reyna thanked Mabel."
  • Vex's Writing Thingy
    "Can you not post? I clarified that people shouldn’t post here"
  • 1x1
    "(Neither does history. How do we determine that MLK Jr. actually existed and it wasn’t just some tale made up by our grandparents to keep us"
  • 1x1
    "My essence is speaking for me) Jax left Maxie downstairs and went upstairs so he could take a snooze himself. Why mus"
  • Guess the voice
    "spoopy O.o"
  • 1x1
    "Jax sat there for a few more minutes, contemplating life. Finally, he got up. Dog and owner marched into the horizon together. Jax saw his m..."
  • You may have stolen me,
    "Reyna heard Mabel coming to her room. At least, she hoped it was Mabel. She opened the door to see an unmistakable face. Mabel. Reyna..."
  • 1x1
    "Jax received another text from his mother. Actually, you don't have to come. I'm capable of taking care of it myself. Jax muttered so..."
  • 1x1
    "Jax sighed. He wished he could spend more time with Aspen, but a lot of things were happening with his family."
  • 1x1
    "Sharpsight had no clue what Gloria was talking about, but she didn’t show it. "Oh, yeah, definitely," she enthused."

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