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Created by: violagal12

  1. Hi guys im going to make a shout out quiz! im fairly new to gtq so im going to make it about some of the nicest people i have met here so far
  2. My first shout out is Ethel! shes super kind and positive i enjoy talking to her!
  3. My second shout out goes to eggaly! egg is so kind. i enjoy roleplaying i enjoy being your friend
  4. My third shout out is Dragonsfire! we talk quite often and your always really nice
  5. My fourth shout out is Pheonix_Pharaoh! Phenonix was one of the first people i have roleplayed with and the roleplay was epic
  6. My next shout out is Jayfeather310! we dont really talk alot but i never hesitate to be kind to me and everyone
  7. My next shout out is Cats17! along with Ethel she is one of the people i talk to nearly everyday
  8. thats it yalll!!!!
  9. huightuhtutghtughuthuth gotta do ten questionsss
  10. jtjgjgnuhrighbjgpnvuergh8eurihnfjuvnjer Baiiii

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