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  • Are you an empath?
    [published: Jan 28, 2013, 6 comments]

    Many people in the world are empaths and don't even realize it. Are you one? Why don't you try this quiz out……

  • How annoying are you?
    [published: Oct 04, 2012, 9 comments]

    Many people in this world will ask themselves this eternal question at least once in their lifetime, "Am I……

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  • "*was not brought"
  • "DaughterOfApollo said exactly what I thinking. While I agree that ange is a nice person, she was brought up in the conversation until you st..."
  • "^ My point exactly...."
  • "Well, if my observations are correct, that would be because when others state why they believe your opinion is wrong you blow up about it. Y..."
  • "Because on here you don't care about the people since you don't know them and you refuse to listen to anyone else's opinions, especially if ..."
  • "Yes :3"
  • "10 I get it XD"
  • "8 because I think the 3 instead if E thing is clever!"
  • Half-Bloods Forever
    "Hopefully you'll get claimed soon, Bianca. I can't shake this feeling that SOMETHING in the prophecy points towards the Big T"
  • Half-Bloods Forever
    "From the dream, the humblest of the three is supposed to take the lead. Which one of the Fates would that be?"
  • Half-Bloods Forever
    "WAIT If its talking about the gods.... Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades. They've been uneasy lately. Hades is the underdog of "
  • Half-Bloods Forever
    "My biggest thing is which one is the most humble? I mean, that one is supposed to become the new leader."
  • Half-Bloods Forever
    "What if it means three demigods, each one a child of each of the Big Three?"
  • Half-Bloods Forever
    "It almost sounds like Apollo's oracle was talking to you... A prophecy of three.... But who?"
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    "Bored and tired. Kinda irritated, then again, I always am."

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