How Depressed Are You?

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Depression is a terrible plague among humanity, strictly of the mind. It affects us in many ways, sending us on a downward spiral to bad behaviours, drug and alchohol abuse, and suicide.

This is a quiz to judge, by my simple standards, if you are depressed. I mainly made this to help people see where they are on the depression scale. I want people to recognize if they need help. Some of us really do.

Created by: germanmade
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  1. First things first, do you believe yourself to be depressed?
  2. Do you think people truly, genuinely care about you
  3. Do you think that if you told the closest people to you that you were depressed that they would be affected?
  4. Do you ever think about suicide?
  5. Do you isolate yourself in your room or in a safe place for you where you can express yourself and your emotions freely?
  6. How often do you wear a fake smile?
  7. Do you self-harm?
  8. Do you want to get help if you are depressed.
  9. Do you think it will get better?
  10. Do you think people love you?
  11. Do you have reasons to be depressed?
  12. If you think you need anything. You can always come talk to me.

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Quiz topic: How Depressed am I?