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  • Wow, I cant actually believe that Im now one of those 13 year old girls who is either moderately depressed or something else is up with my head. Honestly the first time I had cut myself was a few weeks ago and I felt nothing, not even pain. And later on one day at school, in my religion lesson at the end of the day I had stuffed my notebook into my backpack and cut myself on accident, but after that I couldnt even feel my arm, no emotions and one of my friends was worried that I had suddenly become...emotionless. I walked home for 10mins and that entire time I felt nothing, but soon as I got home everything was back to normal. And lastly just today my friends caught me scratching my skin real hard that it got red and told me to stop, and asked me why I did that...and I had no answer because I had never thought about doing that before. At first I even asked them to scratch me. Please can someone else tell me that theyve done something like this before, because if you dont then I really need to go to the doctors about this!!!

    Araeas Demon
    • This means that you likely are depressed to the point where you dont care if your hurt, even if you dont feel like your depressed

  • Your quiz results
    How Depressed Are You?
    Your Result: Severely depressed Depressed 88%

    By these calculations, you are severely depressed. Something in your life is causing you extreme pain. My advice is to seek help. Talk to someone you trust. It may seem useless, since no one will completely understand. But you need it. With this kind of depression, you should seek help.

    71% Moderately Depressed
    47% A Little Depressed
    5% Not Depressed
    More lies, no ones gonna help me.

  • How Depressed Are You?
    Your Result: Moderately Depressed 90%

    By these calculations, you are moderately depressed. Something in your life is causing you to isolate yourself and feel different that averagely. My advice is for you to seek help from a friend or someone else you trust. Try to find the issue that is causing you pain. Try to fix it. If you cannot, seek futher help. You can get past this.

    84% A Little Depressed
    66% Severely depressed Depressed
    41% Not Depressed
    Accura te!

  • Completely accurate. I got moderately depressed, which is so true, especially as my only friends are moving away within the next year. No one else notices me. Okay, there's one person who i tell everything to, but i'm not 100% positive he's real...

    No comments from you, Ally J, if you read that.

    Carrie J
  • Your Result: Severely depressed Depressed 94%

    By these calculations, you are severely depressed. Something in your life is causing you extreme pain. My advice is to seek help. Talk to someone you trust. It may seem useless, since no one will completely understand. But you need it. With this kind of depression, you should seek help.

    welp.. its been 3 years and some months being like i am.. im 14 in the 8th grade. it started 6th grade. each day it just gets worse and worse. no matter how much people try to talk sense into me, no matter how much they try to help, or how much they try to make me see my worth.. nothing helps. i went to the psychiatrist and he diagnosed me with depression and even suggested i take anti-depressants.. but my mom wont let me because she says there are side affects. i dont care about the ¨side affects¨ i just want to be ok damnit. she even lied about getting me a therapist, she told me i would get one but i never did. my dad even told me i have nothing to be depressed or negative about. we will see tho. one i get old enough to get the hell away from here they will never ever see me again.. because ill be gone. And also.. my dad made me lie to the police when they came to me and my moms house because i made a Suicide threat, so i lied so they wouldnt take me away. My day will come soon. im sorry for all of this trouble. i hope reading this did not bother any of you. i just wanted to tell a little about my ¨life¨

  • i know i'm depressed i been feeling useless and worthless for my whole life. My life has no meaning to it. i've been graces with a miserable existence. Yes i believe some people care about me, but not enough. Everybody always thinks the worst out of me. Nobody sees when i do good. My family thinks i'm a horrible person, but maybe i am. No i have a good heart and i care about people. WHY CANT NO ONE SEES THIS???????? i'm starting to hate myself, my face, my body, my face, my personality. Everything about myself. Why was i even put on this earth???? my life has no purpose !!!! i started cutting myself last week. i did it once, then i found myself keep doing it until i seen red. What's wrong with me??? Every time i'm outside i think about jumping in front of a car, every time i see pills i think about swallowing it all. But why cant i bring myself to do it??? why cant i just take the pain away?? whats stopping me`?? is it hope? it cant be...... i love my mom, i love my brother & sister,i miss my dad, that was the first big pain i felt. my chest was so heavy when he died, i think thats when i lost myself. i couldnt grieve. i love them so much!! i dont wanna sound like a victim, because i know im a horrible person & i cant do anything right. but its like when they see me its like a devil my mom sees, my mom dont see me for me. she sees evil, she sees ugly, she sees a dumb blonde, she sees a mean person. maybe i am those things.

  • Well guess im severely depressed, like i didnt already know that.. but you know it still hurts to confirm it. Borderline personality disorder is the WORST. Thanks for listening to my lil rant <3

  • Your Result: Not Depressed 84%

    Congratulati ons, nothing seems to be depressing you. That is excellent. Of course, this doesn't mean you won't feel sad sometimes. Try to look out for those around you and help them.

    Goody Goody. Carrie J, I notice you. Even though we can't be friends, I notice you.

  • I'm severely depressed?

    I've gone through therapy and it never helped.

  • I got severely depressed...

  • A little depressed... It's too true.

  • 91% severely depressed. it's true, ill never recover

  • going to get analyzed (by a professional) and already seeing a psychologist.

  • 90% severely depressed, wheres my crown?

  • 92% well i guess so..

  • not depressed but all that are I'll pray for you :)

  • aw i got sevre deppres


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