Are you depressed?

Depression. It hurts, really bad, and anyone who tells you this is right. It is awful, and said depressed person should seek immediate help if they have it.

Are you depressed? While not as accurate as a real Doctor's test, it still poses some of the most basic questions. If you think you have depression, take this!

Created by: Morgan4eva13
  1. Do you feel inexplainable sadness?
  2. Do you have lost interest in activites you previously enjoyed? i.e. sex, if you are old enough for it, or video games?
  3. Do you have difficulty sleeping?
  4. Are you irritable lately?
  5. Do you feel all alone?
  6. Are you doing okay in school/work? Or, has your performance changed lately for the worse.
  7. Has something traumatic happened to you lately?
  8. Have you though about/attempted suicide in the last few months?
  9. Do you have lots of friends, or feel like you are loved?
  10. Have you seeked help from a doctor or close friend?

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Quiz topic: Am I depressed?