are you depressed?

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do the whole quiz I promise its funny. If it's not I dunno but u R depressed. and trust me many of these questions do deal with depression. yes cheetos help depression, I promise.

each cheeto means a lot. They help with depression. I promise if u don't have Cheetos in ur position right now. GET SOME NOW THEY HELP. but if ur happy and not depressed. Cheetos r still good eat them anyway.

Created by: hi i'm steve
  1. What do u do everyday?
  2. do u have friends
  3. r u poor
  4. r u fat
  5. have u committed rope neck?
  6. r u a furry
  7. do u have a phone
  8. u like cheetos
  9. r u single
  10. do u think this quiz was helpful

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Quiz topic: Am I depressed?