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  • 60% hmm I think I am depressed but it's probably just because I'm lonely:( I'm homeschooled so I'm not around people all the time except for my family and I have lots of friends but they either live too far away or we're too busy to get together:( and I also feel super ugly unless I have makeup on...oh well I'll probably get over it sometime:) I also have dramatic mood swings lol ok imma shut up now XD

  • I got 100% depressed D: im just so sad most of the time... Im even emo. And nobody knows in real life. I just hide my pain from everyone. I dont want to disappoint people. They think im so happy even though i am not...

  • 80% depressed even though i already know im depressed :(

  • i was 100
    i was 100% depressed

  • Grr, won't let me post that this is my quiz....well, it is! :)


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