Are you depressed?

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This is somewhat of a serious quiz. The questions here are based on actual symptoms of depression. Please answer truthfully so we can see if you are having a problem with depression. If you scored high on the test, I'm truly sorry to hear. Just know it will get better. Hang on there.

:REMINDER: keep in mind that this test is not a 100% accurate. Some of the symptoms have been put in here to give you an idea of where you stand. But if you do feel suicidal or is dealing with self-harm, please seek help.

Created by: Fish
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  1. Do you have difficulty concentrating or/and remembering things?
  2. You feel worthless?
  3. Do you constantly feel sad, anxious, or empty without having an actual reason to?
  4. Lost interest of activities that once made you happy? (Swimming, hanging out with friends, drawing etc.)
  5. Are you constantly thinking about death?
  6. Persistent(nonstop) aches or pains that do not go away even with treatment?
  7. Do you feel hopeless?
  8. Are you having any thoughts of self harming yourself in anyways?(Cutting, burning, Carving, etc.) If so please contact help.
  9. Any suicidal thoughts? Attempts? (Please seek help if so, this is really important if you do.)
  10. Have you been feeling this way for more than two weeks?

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Quiz topic: Am I depressed?