How brilliant are you?

People can be smart, but are those smart people brilliant? Are they educated enough to meet with the high standards of society? I surely hope so, after all, the future is in the people's hands.

Well, are you brilliant? Will you be able to help improve the world and better the lives of people? While this quiz focuses mostly on knowledge, it's still needed to better yourself, and hopefully, others. Remember, knowledge is key!

Created by: rascal1178

  1. If every shun is a kun and every kun is a pun then is every shun a pun?
  2. True/False: When y=4, 2y+6=19
  3. How many states are in America?
  4. How many countries are on the African continent?
  5. How many oceans are there?
  6. Which of these is NOT an ocean?
  7. Is it possible for the sky to fall?
  8. Is it possible to eat while standing on your head?
  9. Na is Sodium's symbol.
  10. Is the Holocaust a myth?

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Quiz topic: How brilliant am I?