Are you an empath?

Many people in the world are empaths and don't even realize it. Are you one? Why don't you try this quiz out and see!? Even if you don't believe in empathy, it's a fun quiz to try! Remember that this quiz might not be correct or accurate!!!!

Empathy is a powerful ability. It is useful, but also very dangerous. As wonderful as it is, being an empath can lead you to be more vulnerable to other-worldly dangers. Or, on the other hand, if you do not experience these things it can still leave you more vulnerable to negative energy than the average person. If you are, in fact, an empath, I suggest doing research to learn how to control your empathy. This can help you grow and learn how to use your gift while avoiding harming yourself by using your empathy in a dangerous way.

Created by: DarkestKiss

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  1. Do you like being around people?
  2. Do you tend to feel physically ill when watching blood and gore in TV or in a movie?
  3. When someone in the same room as you starts to cry, are you inclined to cry as well even though you don't sympathize for him or her?
  4. Are you a religious person? (doesn't matter what religion you are) (yes, it truly does matter if you're religious or not because there is a pattern empaths usually follow)
  5. Do you honestly believe in all this psychic stuff?
  6. Do people you don't even know open up to you?
  7. Do you believe in ghosts?
  8. Do you ever experience "gut feelings" about how other people are doing? And are these feelings right?
  9. What emotion do you feel is linked with the color yellow?
  10. What emotion and/or trait do you feel dark pink is linked to?
  11. If you are an empath, are you willing to work on your empathy?
  12. (No effect) Remember that quiz may not be accurate!!!!!!

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