How Skilled Are You as an Empath?

Many gifted people are wondering, "What kind of an empath am I?" These empaths are just starting out on the path of becoming skilled. This quiz will give you an idea of how far you have come so far. I also wrote this quiz to help you as a consumer. If you have thought about being an empath at all, your next thought should be about who can teach you to become skilled.

Empathic talent is not like most kinds of talent, like playing the piano, where skill develops naturally as you study. Unskilled empaths experience suffering, even being a victim. Skilled, you can have an extraordinary life of personal fulfillment and service to others. Are you settling for less? Find out.

Created by: Rose Rosetree of Read People Deeper
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  1. I think I might be an empath because:
  2. An empath is defined as:
  3. Behavior boundaries with other people:
  4. Sometimes an empath puts on a fake facade with others because:
  5. Walls:
  6. To protect yourself, an empath should:
  7. Psychotherapists and psychiatrists:
  8. Learning to become a skilled empath:
  9. Techniques to turn your empathic gifts on extra-strong:
  10. An unskilled empath:
  11. Holistic healers, like Reiki healers or massage therapists, or psychics:
  12. Learning to become a skilled empath:
  13. Techniques to turn your empathic gifts on extra-strong:

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Quiz topic: How Skilled am I as an Empath?