Which Spartan are you?

Their are very few reliable soldiers out there some are geniuses and some are skilled, what is skilled? Is skilled Rushing for that damn flag and not worrying about getting a kill? Or is it taking out a head with each single bullet of a sniper rifle.

Attention! So you want to become a soldier? Well first you gotta get past this, this quiz will tell you if your the best damn soldier this earth has ever seen.

Created by: Nick

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  1. If there was a grunt infront of you,what would you do?
  2. While you were playing on halo ( 1 2 or 3) if you seen a marine being attacked by enemies, would you
  3. When you start a BTB Skirmish ( Or big team battle)game, do you
  4. If you were in a Banshee and a rocket was coming for you, would you
  5. Which vehicle do you think is the most useful
  6. If you get 7 kills in a row, what does the voice say?
  7. Which Weapon do you think is the most useful?
  8. Which grenade do you prefer?
  9. When you kill an enemy do you
  10. When you beat halo 3 will you

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Quiz topic: Which Spartan am I?