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  • "What do you mean by run? Are you just suppose to let go of everything, leave and have no garantee for food, water and other thigns?"

    In response to Vhagar:

    "I Was Born Strong, I Don't Feel Pain, I'm 16…"

  • "Luke died. Remeber? And he was evil, he relised his miskatek though, but he was evil! Btw, I think Ares is your dad if I had to pick…"

    In response to demigods:

    "Hello my name is Jessica Payne. I think that I…"

  • "Maybe Hecate. She is the godess fo magic. So, there si your magic from. Your favorite color dosent say everything, I don't know if…"

    In response to Scarlett Lupa:

    "What am I? I notice when I'm outside there's…"

  • "Athena is nto the goddes of battles, she is the goddes of battle stratedgy."

    In response to Dandilight:

    "I am almost 100% sure that i'm a daughter of…"

  • "if anyone have a good advice, please tell me. i can't stop thinking and dreaming about it, please please please someone help…"

    In response to aeho:

    "I know this is weird, but I kind of want to be…"

  • "I know this is weird, but I kind of want to be a actress, but I don't want to because of the insure income. You might have heard about…"

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  • "You are not alone. Weird things have happened to me all my life. Stranger often talk to me and weird things is basic things around me. I…"

    In response to vivian_grace:

    "Im 14, and stuff started to happen when I was…"

  • "Just a side comment, just because you know your "parents" doesn't mean they both are your real parents"

    In response to Demigurl:

    "I got Greek Demigod even though I have both my…"

  • "This is weird...
    80% Poseidon

    I normally get Zeus as my godly parent on quizzes...but still after Zeus I have mostly got…"

  • "I am sorry for that it several times in the quiz where words who was not spelled right. I think that is a part about me having hard to…"