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  • 7K
    How old School Newark NJ are you?
    rated: 2.95/5Promoted 12 years ago | taken 7K times | 24 comments

    This quiz are for people who were raised in Newark! For those who remeber the good ole days when we wore Lee's and listened to Run-DMC, Slick Rick and …

  • 1.9K
    Jonas Brothers Quiz
    rated: 3.15/5Promoted 12 years ago | taken 1.9K times | 7 comments

    Hi welcome to the Jonas Brothers Quiz, now only a true Jonas Brothers fan will get a 100% so try to do your best and if you dont know them then please …

  • 16.8K
    What Celebrity would you marry?
    rated: 2.33/5Promoted 12 years ago | taken 16.8K times | 7 comments

    Some people are so popular, they seem like celbrities. Alot of times, they copy a secepific Celebrity quality. Those are the people the regular kids …

  • 5K
    Which Jonas Brother is YOUR perfect match?
    rated: 3.48/5Promoted 12 years ago | taken 5K times | 13 comments

    Ever wonder who your perfect jonas brother is? well take this quiz to find out! The Jonas Brothers are an American boy band from Wyckoff, New Jersey …

  • 5.1K
    How dangerous is your life?
    rated: 3.07/5Promoted 12 years ago | taken 5.1K times | 3 comments

    Take this quiz to find out how dangerous your life is. A person with a dangerous life does a lot of stupid things and things that can risk their life …

  • 2K
    How modern is your life style?
    rated: 3.14/5Promoted 12 years ago | taken 2K times | 1 comment

    Want to find out how modern you are? Take this quiz!!! Its fun. I don't think its very accurate. I had some mess ups when i was trying to change the …

  • 10.7K
    What Warrior Cat Villain are You Most Like?
    rated: 3.24/5Promoted 12 years ago | taken 10.7K times | 26 comments

    Many people attempt to match up to the greatness of some of the greatest Warrior Cats villains. But most fail. The true test of evilness is here, …

  • 17.1K
    The hardest Spongebob quiz you'll ever take!
    rated: 3.12/5Promoted 12 years ago | taken 17.1K times | 29 comments

    there are two types of spongebob squarepants fans. Type 1 are the proud true and blue spongebob fans, and type 2 are the posers. If you think you have …

  • 9.1K
    Which Element Are You?
    rated: 2.94/5Promoted 12 years ago | taken 9.1K times | 10 comments

    There are four elements: Fire, the thing that causes death and destruction, but is always good for light and warmth. Earth: The thing our planet is …

  • 2.1K
    Random Quiz on Gaming
    rated: 2.52/5Promoted 12 years ago | taken 2.1K times | 1 comment

    What Type of Gamer are you? do you know your Stuff on Video games? Well this quiz may be able to help you find out. If you score low your probably …