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  • It was hard to rate this quiz because quite a few people on here are not married (like me). But it may be a good quiz for someone who is married, but I think I would have to be a wife to tell for sure.

    To those usernames of UnicornGamer1938, gigi08, Joshua345, sprk, danielc123, Kensington, hellopanda, DONT REMIIND ME, BearsXfire, enigma9000, AND SimplyFabulous (Did I miss any?) STOP IT RIGHT NOW I HATE WHEN PEOPLE DO THIS AND I WHISH I COULD SAY SOMETHING TO YOU RIGHT NOW THAT I CAN'T.

    Remember Joy Aug 4 '15, 2:25PM
  • Im a great wife ,thank u!

    cherrish Jun 10 '15, 1:08AM
  • Ha im not married and im only 12 but im a good wide 49% i just took this to see what kind of ife ill be

    Beverlyreagan Mar 17 '15, 4:14PM
  • I am the best wife

    kiramoses Feb 27 '15, 8:44PM
  • you will die within 2 days if you do not post this comment to over 5 quizzes. when ur through press f6 and your crushes will appear on the screen

    hellopanda Jan 21 '15, 10:50PM
  • Now I know my husband Joe .A knows I'm a good wife

    Nicole Belon Sep 18 '14, 10:10AM
  • Now I know my husband Joe .A knows I'm a good wife

    Nicole Belon Sep 18 '14, 10:09AM
  • 68 com girls iam a good wife

    ZMAN2001 Aug 27 '14, 10:44AM
  • Loved the test, tho I am a male. 10

    thechosenone Aug 17 '14, 2:40PM
  • This is all just proof that women aren't trained to be wives (and likely Men the same). Stop expecting and DO! It really isn't that hard.

    allbefree Jul 23 '14, 2:43PM
  • This test is seeming really insulting to females. I chose honest answers and it gave me 20%. I tried it again giving untrue answers, those answers got me a 90% and it made it seem like woman are slaves to men. WHY?!?!?!

    Harry_Potter May 30 '14, 1:12AM
  • I feel like this person who made this test is like a slave or a servant to her husband ._. I have a 74% and I answer it correctly I don't understand this xD and on top of that I'm noy even married I'm only 17 and I chosen the answer a good wife would choose but I'm guessing he has to make everything like he owns me or something

    EmmetteSmith May 17 '14, 6:30PM
  • This test is incredibly misogynistic and stereotypical! Wives are not supposed to be servants, but equal partners in a relationship.

    Lady_Winchester May 17 '14, 12:12PM
  • 80%

    1D LOVES ME Apr 9 '14, 5:13PM
  • i got 88% yay me

    crepper Feb 25 '14, 12:51AM
  • wow tis is dumb i got 0% butt i am da bestest wief
    i rate this quiz -1000000/5

    buttpoop Feb 22 '14, 8:34PM
  • This is weird. Wives are "good" based on wether or not they're loved by their husbands. If they're were a quiz called "are you a good husband" people would flip. I can't believe it's been over a hundred years and women are still underestimated and treated like a child who doesn't understand that 1+1=2, and men though we love them individually, we still, think that as a group they're rather stupid. ;)

    Anonymousmouse Feb 21 '14, 1:16AM
  • 10 starzzz

    ICEE CHILL Feb 2 '14, 5:08PM
  • Got 20%

    Sami12 Feb 1 '14, 4:15AM
  • incredibly misogynistic. one of the questions was on decision making, i answered truthfully "we share decision making," and got a 74% or something along those lines I went back and out of curiosity changed the answer to "he makes decisions" got a 79% is this1940? should i be waiting at home with steak and potatoes on the table while my husband goes out and provides money so he can be the sole decision this is 20f---ing14.

    katduv95 Jan 31 '14, 11:10PM
  • 76%.

    Some of these questions are "his" choice. For example, the sex question. Perhaps the husband has ED and cannot have sex more than a few times a week?

    Morowyn Jan 17 '14, 12:56PM
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