How Airborne are you?

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How Airborne are you? Do you think you are a superman because you wear a Maroon Beret? Do you use words like 'ally' , have an over hang on your beret?

Then test yourself here - this is no where near as hard as P Coy but see if you are capable of achieving Airborne warrior status! Just a few simple questions

Created by: Johnny Frost

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  1. Where was you educated?
  2. Who gave you your Maroon Beret?
  3. Why have you scrimed your helmet?
  4. Do you own a AB Jacket?
  5. When do you wear Desert Boots?
  6. Where do you get a Smock, Parachutist from?
  7. Do you get Para Pay?
  8. What is the Pegasus?
  9. Have you done P Coy?
  10. Bloody Sunday
  11. Charging an enemy position - do you yell
  12. Utrinque Paratus
  13. Battle honours
  14. Correct name?
  15. Their duty lies in the .......... Of battle
  16. Does your cap badge included a Parachute?
  17. A grenade tin is used to?
  18. Do you use the term Threaders when?
  19. Do you have an Airborne tattoo?
  20. Do you wear a TRF
  21. The Spotlight is .....
  22. Have you ever jump simultaneous sticks?
  23. Have you stolen someone's air?
  24. Have you ever sky dived?
  25. Trafalgar
  26. What was the longest minute of your life?
  27. Arnhem was ....

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