How well do you know Superman?

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Most people know a few things about Superman, him being the most famous superhero ever to be created. But are you one of the special people, one of the few greats who know all there is to know about Superman?

Have you watched all the Superman movies and read all the comics, so much so that you are now a genius in everything Superman? Well take this quiz to test your smarts. Try to get 10/10 correct.

Created by: Wyatt
  1. Why did Jonathan and Martha Kent name their son Clark?
  2. What is Clark Kent's School mascot?
  3. Who was Clark's High school girlfriend?
  4. Who is Clark Kent's real Birth father?
  5. What types of kryptonite are there?
  6. Who was Clark's best friend in high school?
  7. What is Lex Luthor's real name?
  8. Which of These do NOT harm Clark?
  9. What was the first superhero group Clark joined?
  10. Who is Clark Kent's greatest (most well-known) enemy?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Superman?