Who is Superman? And How well do you know him?

Hey guys, so today instead of making a Percy Jackson quiz I made a Superman quiz look out for more because I will try to make as many superhero ones as possible.

This was harder of a quiz to make but still very fun. I loved all the questions and maybe next I will make a quiz where you find out which superhero you are.

Created by: PercyJacksonLove
  1. What is Superman's birth name
  2. What are Superman's powers?
  3. What is Superman's weakness?
  4. Where was Superman born?
  5. What colors are Superman's outfit?
  6. Does Superman where a cape?
  7. What does Superman use to keep his identity a secret.
  8. Is Superman the leader of the Justice League?
  9. What color of eyes does Superman have?
  10. How old is Superman in most comics?

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Quiz topic: Who is Superman? And How well do I know him?