Which Superman Character are you?

Superman fans unite! Ever wonder what character you would be in the Superman universe? Are you Lex, Superman, Brainiac, Perry, Jimmy, or many others... Well I made this so you can find out. Enjoy! Note: if you do not know why the background style is like a typewriter, you probably should not be taking this.

Well, sit back relax, hang your cape up, and prepare to be dazzled. Just answer these simple questions, as you please. then I will calculate your results, have fun.

What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
What is your gender?
Which of the following is your favorite Superman nickname?
The Last son of Krypton
The Man of Steel
The big blue cheese
The Metropolis Marvel
The Kryptonian
In the comics, who or what killed Superman?
Lex Luthor
(To busy crying to answer)
To much red-K (He, He, He)
Lois Lane
How did you like the new Superman Returns movie?
Lex should have won
Brainiac should have been in it
Lois should have been spunkier
Not enough of Clark Kent as a REPORTER
Kneel before General Zod, Cretins!!!
Do you believe that a Superhero should have Super-animal side kicks?
I work alone
More like Super-villain
You would describe yourself as:
Manic evil
Bark worse then bite
Manipulative evil
Young, bumbling, work-my way up type :)
Favorite type of Kryptonite:
I can take the last son, with my bare hands!!!
If it makes a good story, I'm in!
Gold-K (evil laugh!!!)
Which Superman incarnations do you watch?
Lois and Clark: The new adventures of Superman
Superman 1
Superman 2
None had any good Supervillains
You are mad at someone, you:
Feel bad, but not know what to do about it
Execute them
Let the anger wash over me, and find a solution.
Investigate them, see what secrets they are hiding.
Manipulate them into pain and suffering, of course
Favorite character out of the following:
Lana Lang
What does this have to do with this test?
If I said Statistically speaking; you say:
"I hope this hasn't put you off of flying. Statistically speaking, it's still the safest way to travel."
Statistically speaking, if you do not do that story I told you to, you are 70% likely to be fired; and 90% likely to p#ss me off.
Statistically speaking, I am 99.9% sure I want to kill you.
Statistically speaking, I will only land myself into trouble, investigating 10% of the time (Superman saving me does not count)
Statistically speaking, I will take over the world in less then 2 yrs.
You notice some people in Ski masks, attempting to break into a store; you can not see if they have guns or not, you:
Take them on single handed, then hand them over to the authorities
Run Away!!!! Call the police
Stay and watch, call the police
Make loud noises to try and scare them off.
Offer to join them
Kill them and take their loot (town's not big enough for this many villains.)
Bad guys in the House, what kind are you?
Ummm, do mischievous evil things (Mwa ha ha ha ha)
You have no idea what I am capable of...
World domination of course "Kneel before me!!!!"
I do not understand evil
Whatever sells
How dare you mention evil in this quiz! I am going to throw you in jail.
Are you a member any Superman forum or website?
Yes, I have over 100 posts
Yes, but I am a newbie
How do you feel about Superman having a child?
Go for it dude (wink)
He will make a great dad
Throw Jason off a cliff, see if he flies
Not sure yet
He needs to learn to be more responsible (give him a lecture)
Another spawn of my enemy? It matters not, the end will be the same
Favorite Superman song out of the following:
"Kryptonite" by: Three Doors Down
"Disco Superman" by disco people
Original Superman theme
New Superman theme
Any about him dying?
At your workplace:
You are the boss
You are the go-for
You are a mild-mannered type
You go to school
You plot against other people
You do what it takes to advance your career
Without looking back, what was the 4th question?
Which of the following is your favorite Superman nickname?
How did you like the new Superman Returns movie?
In the comics, who or what kills Superman?
What does this have to do with anything?
bite me
Did you answer the last question without looking back?
I did after to see if I was right
I guessed
Of course Not!
Of course I will do anything to get my way!
I said Bite Me
Why are you taking this Quiz?
I am bored
To see how evil I am
To see how good I am
To plant subliminal messages in people's brains
I have been experimenting with Red-K I do not know who I am currently :)
I ask the questions here!!!
A nuclear war is about to start, you:
I caused it
I will hide out in my extremely expensive shelter, with a select few
I report what is happening
I prevent it
I Run Away!!!!!!
I become a wee bit grouchy
Your army consists of:
Robots that are replicas of myself
Cute adorable, rabid kittens of doomm!
People who I will hire
Fellow Superheros
Not on this one (wait till part two)
Same question (Pick the bottom if you already found yours in the last section, and vice versa)
Tiny, invisible beings that inform me of everything
Beings that allow me to boss around others
Robot women ;)
I will pick this one, even though I already picked one in the last section, what are YOU gonna do about it?
I picked one in the previous section.
How did you like this quiz?
It was terrible
Awesome job!!!!
(How do I say this, and not be rude...)
Kiss my evil ARSE suckas

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