How Lincolnshire are you?

What makes you have a Lincolnshire heart? A Lincolnshire lad or lass loves the food, the people, the landscape and generally everything Lincolnshire.

Are you from Lincolnshire? Don't get mardy take this quiz and find out. Mebbe you'll find out a few things you didn't know and will need to get out a bit more. Go on find out out!

Created by: The Geek
  1. Which is your favourite sausage?
  2. How many counties border Lincolnshire?
  3. Where is your favourite beach?
  4. What colour is your belly?
  5. What is a cot?
  6. What are the colours that surround the red cross of the Lincolnshire flag?
  7. What do these colours represent?
  8. How do you vote?
  9. Now then me duck what's frit ya?
  10. What is haslet?
  11. What is the stuffing in stuffed chine?
  12. Who is from Lincolnshire
  13. Where can the Lincolnshire imp be found?

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Quiz topic: How Lincolnshire am I?