How 'Heckington' are you?

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A test to see if you're a true resident and fully immersed in the true Heckington culture. Heckington is a village and civil parish in the North Kesteven district of Lincolnshire, England.

It is situated between Sleaford and Swineshead Bridge, and south from the A17 road. Heckington, with 1,491 households, is one of the largest villages in Lincolnshire

Created by: nasahdjashd
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  1. Squashy is...
  2. Every village needs an idiot, name and shame!
  3. You call everyone….
  4. Where would you see dancing diggers?
  5. What is Gretale?
  6. Most people go to the squash club to...
  7. What is the Chinese called?
  8. Most likely locations to find a cider drinking teenager?
  9. Mike and Judy...
  10. How many OPEN pubs are there in Heckington? (including the anti social).
  11. If you're catching the train to sleaford you need to go from...
  12. How many sails does the infamous windmill have?
  13. Heckington show is always..

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Quiz topic: How 'Heckington' am I?