How Lincolnshire are you?

Have you ever asked yourself how Lincolnshire you are? If so, here's your chance to test how much you know about the county. Answer 12 questions and discover what percent Lincolnshire you are.

You don't have to be a genius to score well in this test but you will need to know your way around Lincolnshire and have a little local knowledge. See how much you know.

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  1. How many colours are used in the Lincolnshire flag?
  2. What is competed for in the Haxey Hood?
  3. How many hours of your week are spent driving behind a tractor?
  4. What is a Lincoln Red?
  5. Chine is a Lincolnshire dish but what meat is the dish based around?
  6. Which of these places is NOT in Lincolnshire?
  7. What does do you come from Bardney mean?
  8. In what month is Lincolnshire Day?
  9. Which one of these people is not from Lincolnshire
  10. On which hill in Lincolnshire does a downhill soapbox challenge take place?
  11. Which one of these four people never played at or managed Lincoln City?

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Quiz topic: How Lincolnshire am I?