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  • 53.9K
    Are you hot,cute, or ugly?
    rated: 3.01/5Promoted 10 years ago | taken 53.9K times | 48 comments

    I was motivated to create this quiz when I saw others like this that lack alot of details in which can make a person hot or ugly. I've created a more …

  • 2.6K
    Which Chocolate Brand are you most like?
    rated: 3.3/5Promoted 10 years ago | taken 2.6K times | 23 comments

    There Are Many people who love chocolates. People would love butterfinger, or snickers, or reeses! Afterall, Chocolate is a classic pastry to …

  • 14.4K
    What flavor cookie are you?
    rated: 3.36/5Promoted 10 years ago | taken 14.4K times | 67 comments

    We all love cookies right? I sometimes roll around in my bed wondering what type of cookie I am. Just kidding, that would be kind of weird. Anyways if …

  • 1.3K
    What Soup Suits You?
    rated: 2.99/5Promoted 10 years ago | taken 1.3K times | 12 comments

    Soup is a splendid foodstuff, yet it is often overlooked as a true companion for a happy life. Many's the traffic warden who felt they were just …

  • 427
    UFS Personality Profile
    rated: 3.18/5Promoted 10 years ago | taken 427 times

    We all love UFS, but there's different kinds of players. Spikes like to win, Timmy is all about casual play, Johnny is the combo man, and there are of …

  • 8.3K
    Are you racist?
    rated: 2.57/5Promoted 10 years ago | taken 8.3K times | 17 comments

    "There are many racist people, but few true haters. Racism is, afterall, quite exceptional. What is Racism? Racism is someone who hates all that is …

  • 554
    How Well Do You Know Gamespot OT?
    rated: 3.27/5Promoted 10 years ago | taken 554 times | 3 comments

    There are many people on Gamespot Off-Topic, but only a few of them know what it really means to be a true OTer. A true OTer knows his stuff. The …

  • 9.5K
    Does he like me?
    rated: 2.77/5Promoted 10 years ago | taken 9.5K times | 17 comments

    Are you sat alone thinking; "Does he actually like me? Or am I an idiot?" Well this quiz should set your mind straight. Are you so unbelievably …

  • 52K
    Who Will You Marry?
    rated: 2.78/5Promoted 10 years ago | taken 52K times | 25 comments

    ***READ THIS DISCRIPTION*** In order to get accurate results, please get a peice of paper and a pen. Write the numbers 1-5 vertically, and follow …

  • 430
    How well do you know GS OT?
    rated: 2.44/5Promoted 10 years ago | taken 430 times

    There are many forums on the Interwebs. However, not all forums are created equal. Some forums are for those who have no brain (aka 4chan), and some …