What Kind of Person Are You?

You have a birth certificate with yoor birth weight, name, height, date of birth, your parent's names, and probably a picture. But your birth certificate will show nothing about your personality.

Take this quiz! Bad, good, smiley, smart, time to find out!

Created by: Katelynnhawley

  1. What are you're basic grades? If you no longer go to school, put what they used to be.
  2. Are you BAD?
  3. What kinds books do you like?
  4. If you selected ANOTHER ANSWER FROM BELOW, choose a genre.
  5. Do you like chocolate?
  6. Do you watch any.of the following shows?
  7. What happens when you go intothe gym?
  8. Do ypu like The Host or the Twilight Series?
  9. Movies or TV?
  10. Lastly, did you like this quiz? The comma basically means AND

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Quiz topic: What Kind of Person am I?