Are you good or evil at heart?

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There are many ways of handling situations you find or get yourself into but how you react to them determines what kind of person you are and what person you may be throughout out life!Of course this quiz doesn't determine what kind of person you are this is just for fun and to make you think if you were in these situations!

So do you have a good heart or an evil heart?I don't judge everyone is different what I may find good or evil others will always have a different opinions.We humans are individualistic by nature no shame in that.

Created by: shadow1995

  1. These questions will be random situations or events.And how you answer depends on who you are.
  2. You are sitting in class.And someone that is sitting in front of you is leaning forward on his chair and money slips out his pockets what do you do?
  3. It is lunch time you are outside with your friends (assuming you have friends) and you see 3 kids two of them are beating one up they are a lot younger than you what do you do?
  4. You are in class and a few of your friends are harassing someone in class.And you can see it clearly upsets them what do you do?
  5. A teacher has wrongly accused of something you didn't do and no matter how polite you try to be you still get in trouble.How you handle that.
  6. Your friend has trusted to look after his house while he/she goes away for a weekend.All you have to do is go to the house and take care of the pets.But you are there alone and you know where all the valuables are....What do you do?
  7. You take some money from your parents jar they leave in the front room they notice money is gone.And they are questioning you and your siblings you took the money what do you say?
  8. One of your friends has lied about you saying stuff behind all your friends backs.What you said wasn't true but all your friends believe your lying friend.And no longer want anything to do with you.How do you react to this person.
  9. You are walking down the road and you see an injured pigeon you are with your friends some are laughing some are upset.What do you do?
  10. You have a girlfriend/Boyfriend (if not just pretend you do) and you are ready for a sexual relationship but the other person isn't ready and you have been patient for a long time.How do you react?
  11. Well done you have made it to college.You are walking on your way to college you are by yourself.And someone that is homeless is getting verbally abused by a group of people you can see the homeless person is sad but too worn out to say or do anything the abusers go to the same college as you what do you do?
  12. (Believe it or not this actually happened to me)You are sleeping in your bed you are sleeping in longer since you don't have to start college until 12pm. And no one is in the house but your parent left the door unlocked because they usually leave it unlocked when you leave for college not longer after they go to work.It is 10am and you wake up to see your friend (in my case old best friend) standing at your bedroom door.No one let him in unless your dog can now invite people into the house which mine couldn't.He is acting like nothing is wrong and trying to laugh and joke with you but he seemed on edge you seeing him.But since he is your close friend and you are still tired you let him off he leaves the house straight after and when you wake up again for college you realized now wide awake and ask yourself "Why did he let himself in the house he didn't know I was here that is why my dog didn't bark he knows him" you go down stairs and see money missing off the table where you always leave it for college...Unless the dog steals money it can only be your friend.....How do you react?
  13. You like to pull pranks on friends.And you make an anonymous Facebook account and you edit a picture of your friend and send it to him....But your friend finds the editing offensive and uploads the picture to his profile showing everyone.And everyone that replied was angry.And his reaction caught you off guard what do you do?

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Quiz topic: Am I good or evil at heart?