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  • lol i got 88% Evil at heart.

    my result: Whether you show it or not hide it well or not.You have an evil heart the reasons why depends on you.Perhaps you were brought up bad perhaps some traumatic experience changed you.You have no remorse for the things you do wrong.You get amusement from conflict and have a dark passenger you may struggle to control....Everyone masks slips eventually.

    lol true

  • I got good at heart, but I disagree. Most of these questions were just drama. I'm the type of evil that kills you in your sleep, the type who's mask is ordinary life. I really don't care about money, but bullying is intolerable. It's not evil, it's stupid and annoying. Shame on you!

  • 50/50 89%

    You are not good but you are not evil. Torn between the two you make a lot of good decision and wrong decisions.Does that make you good or bad? Well would you eat an apple if it was half rotten?

  • 50/50

    What do you think? What should be done with a half rotten apple?

    Nice quiz.

  • 88% good at heart. I am really nice (most of the time) in real life.

  • Almost 100% evil YAAAAAAAAAAAS being good is for dicks seriously...

  • 50/50 80 percent


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