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  • 9.7K
    Are You Annoying?
    rated: 2.76/5Promoted 10 years ago | taken 9.7K times | 9 comments

    This Quiz Is To See If You Should Have The Friends You Do. Take It, Because You Could Be Annoying Them Without Suspecting A THING Of Yourself. No One …

  • 2.8K
    what god are you?
    rated: 3.04/5Promoted 10 years ago | taken 2.8K times | 6 comments

    There are a lot of mythology gods out there. So many in fact I made a quiz on the cool ones. And that means that you get to be one of the cool ones or …

  • 10.3K
    are you ugly, cute or smokin' hot; the real deal
    rated: 3.63/5Promoted 10 years ago | taken 10.3K times | 20 comments

    Okay i know this has the same name as another quiz but that one was stupid and i feel it is my rsponsibility to give the truth so here is the quiz. …

  • 3.2K
    Which Horrible Nightmare Are You?
    rated: 3.18/5Promoted 10 years ago | taken 3.2K times | 14 comments

    Lots Of People Hate A Million Nightmares. Like Ghosts for example. they are scary creatures. but what is creatures? well the quiz says it all! …

  • 33.9K
    how much does he really like me quiz
    rated: 1.63/5Promoted 10 years ago | taken 33.9K times | 19 comments

    There are a lot of other quizes out there like this one except for this one i didn't make it have a certain answer to each question the results depend …

  • 214K
    Which Christian denomination do you belong to?
    rated: 2.99/5Promoted 10 years ago | taken 214K times | 49 comments

    There are hundreds of denominations within Christianity, each with their own unique views and history. Ever since the early sixteenth century and the …

  • 4.2K
    Do people want to date you
    rated: 2.2/5Promoted 10 years ago | taken 4.2K times | 5 comments

    only a few good dater be 1.only a few hot people 2 so if u r a good dater doesnt mean u r hot so get that right and score high on this and u will be …

  • 8.8K
    Quiz as visões da Raven
    rated: 3.69/5Promoted 10 years ago | taken 8.8K times | 1 comment

    Se você gosta o curte a série do disney channel "As visões da Raven" esse quiz irá testar os seus conhecimentos. As visões da Raven …

  • 7.1K
    Which Jonas Brother Would Want To Date You?
    rated: 3.54/5Promoted 10 years ago | taken 7.1K times | 9 comments

    Many people love the jonas brothers and would want them to date them. I know I love the jonas brothers. If your a boy and wants to take this quiz just …

  • 2.7K
    How will you die?
    rated: 2.65/5Promoted 10 years ago | taken 2.7K times | 6 comments

    I Lumister have designed this. Strange twisted test for you. You look around and see ordinary people, living their ordinary lifes, not knowing their …