What Grade Should You Be in?

Are you smart enough for this quiz? Take it to find out! This quiz is only math questions. Just sayin. So if you are not good with math don't take it!

Do you have the guts to take it, are you smart enough, try it! Lets see those wheels turn. Are you god enough for this quiz, take it now!!! C'mon l know you want to.

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  1. What is after E in the alphabet?
  2. What's 10+21?
  3. What's 5×6?
  4. What's 2/5+4/10?
  5. What's 4/5×2/5 simplified?
  6. What's 10/20÷5/10 simplified?
  7. What's 6 to the 2nd power?
  8. How long is side c if side a is 5 and b is 1 on a triangle?
  9. This quiz only goes through grades k-8 (pick first ok).
  10. Bye(pick first bye).

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