Do You Have a Nice Dad?

Is there that It There That Strang words I wrote there. Is tour dad caring and nice to you? Well I sort of ran. Out of things to say but here are some of my other quizzes: I'll tell you later if you take the quiz, ok?

Is your dad nice to you? Well if you really want to know, just take this quiz to find out and don't forget that it's just a quiz. So hope you have a nice day today and here are my other quizzes: does you imaginary FRIEND like you? And do you like feyd rautha?

Created by: Hi ugly
  1. Ok, how often do you see your dad?
  2. Does your dad ever buy anything for you?
  3. Ok, I don't know what kind of question this is, but does your dad bully your mum.?
  4. Has your dad ever been to prison?
  5. Does your dad ever yell at you?
  6. Has your dad ever lied to you.
  7. What does your mum think of your dad?
  8. Is your dad lazy?
  9. Ok, verry not nice question here, but has your dad ever threatened to kill your mum?
  10. Ok, I'm not saying it's true about your dad, but has your dad ever used illegal drugs?
  11. Last question: don't forget this is just a quiz , k?
  12. Ok plz , comment on this quiz. Even if your comment is about your own dad, o would like to see what real dads are like!

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Quiz topic: Do I Have a Nice Dad?