Are you a nice person?

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Everybody wants to know whether they are a nice person or not. Most of us aim to be, but are our actions really kind things to do? Nobody will tell us to our face that we are mean.

So how to we find out if we are nice or not? Here's how. Start the quiz, and in a few minutes time, you will know for real how nice you actually are. Enjoy!

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  1. How much do you smile at other people?
  2. You are at a party with a lot of people you don't know very well. What do you do?
  3. You are left to talk with someone you've just met. You...
  4. How much do you compliment people?
  5. You hang out with your friends...
  6. How good are your manners?
  7. How much do you swear?
  8. You see a stranger with their arms full of paper. They drop them, pick them up again and arrive at a door. What would you have done?
  9. How much do you use peoples names when you talk to them?
  10. You are nice to...
  11. How much do you judge someone within the first minute of meeting them?
  12. What do you give your friends for their birthday?
  13. The party you were at is over. The place is a mess. Your friends are all chatting outside. The host is about to start clearing up.
  14. In conversations, how much talking do you do compared to listening
  15. Do you ask how a person is doing?
  16. Do you talk about people behind their back?
  17. Do you share?
  18. You and your friend are choosing a movie to watch. You both want to watch different things.
  19. Do you try to be optimistic?
  20. Do you put yourself in others shoes?
  21. Do you ask personal questions?
  22. Do you respect other peoples opinions and know when to walk away?
  23. Do you think before you speak?
  24. Why do you want to be nice?
  25. Will you rate and comment?

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Quiz topic: Am I a nice person?