Are you a good person (easy)

there are kind people everey where and nice people and its either your one of them or not. a nice persone loves doing good things and dosent expect anything in return are you one of them find out soon enough

are you that nice person evreybodys talking about that loves doing nice things without wanting or asking for things in return or that persone whos rude mean and hate life and blackmales figure out now

Created by: mya403
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  1. your enemy falls what do you do
  2. if a hobo asks for some food or at least some of it what will you do
  3. Congratulations you found a cure to diabetes !!! will you share it with the world ?
  4. your blind but your super human will you use your poweres if you knew how to use them blind
  5. you were dared to kick a puppy thats lonley helpless and hungryand has no home withbad medical conditions will you kick it
  6. you were blamed for murder but you know the hole event and called the police to late what do you do
  7. a young girl you know the name of but yet barley know is crying...
  8. you get a new doll/football for christmas your sister/brother askes to play with it what will you say
  9. will you comment on this quiz (does not count)
  10. will your rate this quiz (answer will not count)
  11. You see some one with a bloody nose instinctevly you ask are you okay the person says go away you...
  12. You just got punched what do you do to the person who punched you
  13. Your angry and frustrated what do you do

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Quiz topic: Am I a good person (easy)