How good do you know the NBA?

Alot of people think they know the NBA pretty good. This quiz should be easy so DONT CHEAT if you really want to find out if you know the NBA because if you get a good score then you sort of know the NBA.

This quiz should be easy and you should get a good score on it if you truly think you know the NBA a little it this has who won the title what year how many times exc.

Created by: Dave
  1. What year did Kobe Bryant win MVP?
  2. How many times has LeBron James won MVP?
  3. Who won the 1998 NBA Finals?
  4. How many Finals MVP's has Micheal Jordan won?
  5. What year was Kobe Bryant drafted into the NBA?
  6. Who were the only 2 people to get a triple-triple in an All-Star game?
  7. Who has the Most Points scored all-time?
  8. Who has the Most Rebounds all-time?
  9. Who has the Most Total Assists?
  10. Who has made the most 3-pointers all-time?
  11. Who is "Officially" the best NBA player of all-time?
  12. Who won the first ever NBA Finals?

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Quiz topic: How good do I know the NBA?