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There are many people who WATCH Doctor Who, but few who can truly call themselves Whovians... Do you have what it takes to secure yourself a place in the TARDIS alongside the Doctor?

Test your knowledge of Doctor Who trivia and see if you have what it takes to become a Doctor Who companion... Are you a dilatant, n00b Whovian, Companion or (dare we say it) MASTER?

Created by: Geek Girl on the Street of Geek Girl on the Street
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  1. What vegetable does the Fifth Doctor (Peter Davison) wear as decoration?
  2. Who played the First Doctor?
  3. What year did Doctor Who go off the air as a regular series on the BBC?
  4. Who is the only American to play "The Master?"
  5. How many times does Pete Tyler (Rose's Dad) die in Father's Day?
  6. What punctuation mark is notably on the Doctor's (as played by Jon Pertwee) suit?
  7. All of the following were companions of the Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker)EXCEPT:
  8. Who does Martha Jones marry?
  9. What fashion accessory is the Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker) known for?
  10. Who does the Doctor eventually marry?
  11. All of the following actresses have played a companion of the Doctor, EXCEPT:
  12. At what age did David Tennant (the 10th Doctor) decide he wanted to be an actor?
  13. Which of these historical characters have been recently portrayed on Doctor Who?
  14. Finish this phrase: "Wibbly-wobbly..."
  15. It is two minutes until what?
  16. All of the following are Doctor Who villains, EXCEPT:
  17. What is the name of the Doctor's daughter?
  18. What is the name of the Doctor's granddaughter?
  19. Who is Peri Brown?
  20. Who plays the 11th Doctor?

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