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  • Two answers I believe are wrong. The TV show actually went off air in 1989 as a regular TV series. The last regular story was Survival. The 1996 TV Movie was not part of the regular series - in fact it appeared 7 years after the BBC stopped showing the series 9 years before the reboot.

    Secondly - we do not yet know the Doctor's relationship to River Song. It is suggested that they may have been married, but there is no evidence of this as yet.

  • Okay, River Song is NOT his wife. It's obvious.

    Moffat's TRYING to make everyone think that so he can surprise us with who she is later. I think she's his mom, cuz a mom would call her son "sweetie" and know his real name, etc. There's no proof on who she is, but she isn't his wife. He said he was trying to fool the fans. P: Don't try to make something fact before it hasn't even been proven..

  • Good quiz!!

    But, we don`t know for sure if River and the Doctor get married, so that`s a bit of an unfair question. And, also, the classic series didn`t go off air in 1996. That was when they tried to revive it with the Comic Relief movie "Curse of the Fatal Death"

  • Also, we do not yet know for sure that he married or was even in a relationship with River Song. That is mere speculation. And that, my boy, is a stuffed panda. Sheer poetry!

  • You are 100% true Whovian!

    YOU ARE THE DOCTOR! (Or, the Master, depending on your bent for good vs. evil.) Congratulations on being an obsessive Whovian! ^5

    Yaaayy!!! :DD

  • errr... river song IS married to the Doctor because it was actually seen on screen. or has that come out in america yet? season 6? i'm english so idk.

    85% BTW.
    good quiz, kate!

  • gasp... i'm on par with donna noble!!! but yes, caetmale is correct.


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