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Created by: Martin M (Site owner)
  1. On what exact date was Doctor Who first aired on?
  2. In which era did William Hartnel play as the 1st Doctor?
  3. In which era did Tom Baker play as the 4th Doctor?
  4. In which era did Patrick Troughton play as the 2nd Doctor
  5. Which Doctor invented the sonic screwdriver?
  6. In which era did John Pertwee play as the 3rd Doctor?
  7. Which doctor drove around in a yellow car?
  8. What was the name of the Doctor's car?
  9. What was the original rego plate on Bessie
  10. In which era did Peter Davison play as the 5th Doctor?
  11. In which era did Paul McGann play as the 8th Doctor?
  12. In which era did Colin Baker play as the 6th Doctor?
  13. What does the sign on top of the TARDIS say? (Lower case letters are the words in the middle that are on 2 lines.)
  14. What is the original planet of the Cyberman?
  15. What is the original planet of the Daleks?

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