the doctor who quiz

there are very few doctor who fans, could you be one, answer questions to prove you are no 1 fan of doctor who prove your instincts of monsters and aliens see the world from the alien side of life.

in a few minutes you will answer all of the questions and see your percentage for the doctor who in you.Are you ready to take the quiz then just clickkkk..

Created by: kirsty of tiscali
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  1. what is the 10th doctors rel name?
  2. what is the doctor?
  3. what is captain jacks real name?
  4. what is the name of the doctors companian in the new series of doctor who?
  5. what hapened to rose when she was no longer the doctors companian?
  6. who is rachel
  7. whay monster is green and has a baby face
  8. do you fancy the doctor
  9. in real life were is the doctor (david tenant)from
  10. what film related to doctor who stars john barrowman?
  11. what brand of shoes does the doctor wear?

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