doctor who series 1-4 quiz

Are you the ultimate Geek? Well why don't we see. take this test on doctor who series 1-4! And see if you have the brain power to qualifie as a time lord!! yes that is correct this a simple test on the fantastic series of doctor who!!

Oh' my gosh do not try to create a test on this you have to pretty much write an essey on your quiz and it is so picky i tried to get of the hook easy by writting gibberish. but guess what in red letters it popped up saying paragraph 2 must not contain gibberish or excessive repeating charecters parting words must be at least 150 charectures!

Created by: steph
  1. Who is the doctors first companion?
  2. In the episode 'New Earth' waht are the nurses?
  3. Who will play the 11th doctor
  4. In series 4 what number do they call to contact the TARDIS
  5. What is the name of the first episode of series 3
  6. Who plays the doctors companion in series 4
  7. In the 'Doctor Who' Christmas Special of 2006, a woman called Donna Noble appeared in the TARDIS. What was she wearing?
  8. Which famous person helped the Doctor and Rose defeat the Gelth?
  9. In series 4 Martha has a key that can rip the earth appart, what is that key called?
  10. In series 1 which species quotes" vistory is nacked"

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