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  • Decided to play again and picked Truth 3.
    A person I hate...

    This b---- at the school I went to. Stereotypical blonde skinny-ass cheerleader. The kind that carries around shiny purses and cellphones and can be seen, no screw seen, HEARD chewing gum all the time. Knows nothing worth knowing.

    Althoug h the amount of times I owned her at things like academics, sports and generally everything else worth trying for makes me hate her a little less now that I think of it.

    I would say every other enemy I've had, but usually I beat them at everything so they only provided me with a good time.

  • I like this guy whos name is nick, he is the single cutest, nicest, most thoughtful person you will ever meet. He is a little taller than me, he has clean nice brown hair, with hazel eyes that look like a gemstone, and he is a grade older than me. We met at the school musical practice for Into The Woods, he was the baker and I was Rapunzel so I still call him bro bc in the play we secretly are brother and sister, we didnt really talk until one night both of our dads were late to pick us up and he saw my phone and said he had the same exact one so he played games on it and I helped it was just like in the movies where we were laughing and we almost kissed when his dad flashed the car lights. After that we texted and started saying "I love you in a musical family sort of way" but after that night I knew he was the one. Everyone says we like eachother but we always deny it, and I dont know about him but Im lying. There that is my entire love life.

  • Truth 1:

    His name is Kyle and he has brown short hair and brown eyes. His cheeks are ALWAYS super red but I can still tell when hes blushing. We are both not from where we live and so we always talk about how we hate where we live, and I love how he talks about that in front of everyone thats born where we live. Hes nice, and funny and cute, and hes always trying to start new fads like Im gonna go wash myself with soap and water. He was trying to call me a loser when we were txting and he said olser, so now hes trying to start that. But I dont REALLY like him anymore cause hes kinda dating my best friend, and I decided that he was my brother.

  • I love:

    I am good at spelling. Here is a word: flirtatiousness (my phone doesn't have autocorrect. Hehe, more big words

    I have never gotten a lunch detention or referral

    I have straight A's
    My name is uniquely spelled (Katelynn)
    I speak three languages other than eglish.

    (Pig Latin, German, French. I miserably failed Spanish)

  • Truth 3.. Okay, so there was this b---- at school who really pissed me off when we started high school, but she's recently moved to another school (Mwahahaha >:D) and I never saw her again. She's basically the 'prep' stereotype in person, you know, dyed dirty blonde hair, always caked herself in makeup, girlish, pinkish... Lol that was fun :]

    Loony Luna
  • truth 3- well there is this girl Taylor...and I guess i'm either too negative or something...but she gets in trouble ALL the time for doing the worst things, and never gets in trouble! She just laughs and the teachers always say- "Next time.. blah blah blah." And everyone loves her. Even though she hangs out with complete jerks. She's all popular and that crap. How stupid tha us humans debate on who's "cool" and who "isn't" I'm a scene girl and I'm proud of it! You may not pay attention to me and think i'm lame because I actually DO something with my life because I don't believe in "lame", but I

    AWESOME!!!!!! !!!!!!!
    Who's with me?

  • Truth 1-

    Well so there's this kid named *insert name here*. He has dirty blonde hair and light brown eyes. We're both short but he's a couple of inches taller. We're both also really skinny. He has these ginormous dimples too. I like him because he always can make me laugh and because I know that he likes me back.

  • DARE 2---

    Well, first of all, I have short hair, i.e. boy cut style, so I don't need to comb my hair often, so I can easily do this. Secondly, I never do wear any make up thing cuz I hate girly make up kits, so here this chance never arrives. So, I don't think it is very difficult for such a person who never does the things you asked to do as these quetsions are irrelavant. I think the dares you asked were pretty bluff and easy!!!

    Don't worry, dude.........you can make many other dare quizzes. Have a nice day!

  • Truth 2,I don't really have much self love in myself so it's kinda hard to list five things I like about me but if I did choose I'd say my creativity, ambition,defense, imagination and bravery. Cool quiz anyways mate.

  • Truth 1:

    His name is Micheal. He has blue eyes hes shorter than me he has a blond buzz cut uhhhh i think hes cute and he makes me laugh even tho i dont know him and at any dance i go to at when i turn around at the least time i expect it hes right there sooo i think thts cute.

  • Truth one--a guy named Jake. He has sandy brown hair with blue eyes that you could stare into FOREVER!!!!!!!! well the downer is that it's summer and I didn't see him in like forever. I MISS MY JAKEYPOO!!!! he assumes that I like him and thinks imma stalker. But he always jokes with me and twice, he hugged me when I totally did NOT want to cuz I was uncomfortable. Ok byeeeeeee

  • I would do dare 3 but there are some problems. 1. I don't like going to the mall. 2. People don't come up and talk to me at random. But I'll look up the viedo. I orignially got dare 2 but there's 2 problems with that too. 1. I don't wear make-up and 2. my mom says i'm going to get my hair cut short if i don't comb it. And i love my long hair. No way am going to give it up. But since I did this, I'll do truth 2. 1: I'm athletic 2: I'm a tomboy 3: I play the cello 4: I'm weird and differnet 5: I'm a country girl! But I'm trapped in the city. :(

  • Truth 3, someone I hate. *thinks* I'd say this dude at school who butts into everything, is slow when it comes to conversations, and seriously takes 15 minutes to declare his opinion or make a choice in the first place. D=

  • Truth 3:

    I hate a lot of people so I'm going to only say one. Let's see hmmm... Marlee who lives down the street from me. She freaking stares at me with the look that say who the hell are you?

    She also is rude to me for no reason. I am nothing but nice to people unless they are mean to me. She is also one of the 'Snotty Popular Chicks'. I am not. Look at my user name.

  • Dare 1: call your crush and ask them to go to the movies with a large group of friends.

    One problem: i dont have a lot of good friends :/ theres only one friend that is a girl that i actually hang out with and like as a friend. The rest of the girls are fake. And i have a lot of friends that are boys, but wouldnt that be weird if i invited a bunch of boys to the movies when im a girl? Oh wait theres another problem! I kinda have a few crushes and the one thats at the top of my list has a girlfriend. Another liked me before but i think he has a girlfriend too. And another i dont know if he has a girlfriend but i think he only likes me as a friend. I write too much :/ wonder if i'll actually do the dare sometime.

  • i love my eyes, my musicalness (lol idk what to call it but im very musically talented i guess??), my hyperosity, my personality, and umm my hair (my hair is sooooo cool xD its dark brown with a layer of light brown over it and blonde and red highlights and its all natural ive never dyed it :})

  • Truth #2

    Okay, you picked truth number 2. In the comments, I want you to name 5 things you love about yourself. The way you look, your personality, your skills, anything. You have to cuz this is Truth or Dare!

    1- My popularity

    2- My face (I love my face. I'm in love with it)

    3- My sense of humor, even if I can be an ass sometimes

    4- My name (Gf says it sounds like a French's knight's name)

    5 - My love life.

  • truth 1: I like this guy named Andy.He's kind of a nerd but not really. He has messy brown hair and deep brown eyes. He is really sweet and one of my friends. He knows i like him but he has a girlfriend and says it wouldn't work anyway.


  • the person i hate is short and she is no offence the ugliest thing i have ever seen she is mean and stuck up and is very mean to everyone thinks she owns everything i hate her she is also a backstabber this dare wasnt hard it is a ctually relaxing....:)

  • ok so truth 2

    1. i love that my eyes are two different colors, but it's hard 2 tell unless u look close.

    2. i also love my hair color. i call it "auburn blonde"--dirty blonde with red highlights.

    3. i'm really smart, especially in math. :)
    4. i'm not too skinny or too fat.
    5. i can stay calm in a lot of situations!

    elle bee
  • ok well i have truth 2 so here is five thngs i love abt me,,

    i love my dragon tooth
    i love my smile
    i love that im creative

    i love my short temper and my bluntness hehe ;)

    and main point i love that i am a rebel with good grades hehe ;)

  • truth 1 ,

    so i guess i should answer it since i've picked this quiz (:

    well , his name is alex , he such a great guy that i ever know . i love his smile and the way he talked to other person . But we never talk and im just looking at him from far . he dont know me at all ):

    but yah , i still had a huge crush on him until now days :P

  • Your evil I don't like to brag but here goes
    My figure like beonsay
    My brown hair and eyes
    My noes
    My acting skills
    My fashion sence
    There god thet was hark lol

  • truth 3 I hate Dick for shooting Bobby in Supernatural XP

    I can't think of anyone I truly hate, just people who I have a personality clash with or who are rude and unkind originally.

  • Hey guys don't forget to take my series My flirting game! I'm starting a new one called summer road trip love story!!


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