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  • "That's not stupid. That's some quite pretty sketch you have here."
  • KFC!!!!!!!!
    "I love all their menus, yet I really have to stop eating fast food. Not so healthy."
  • stupid yet helpful advice
    "Wear clothes that fit. ."
  • *sits in a corner*
    "*pats head* ."
  • stupid yet helpful advice
    "And don't eat too much Taco ."
  • Cohabitation
    "My love life is of course my own business and just to avoid things like this, I keep it INSIDE my house. I don't even know why he was shouti..."
  • another chatroom
    "Hummm. ."
  • GUYS!!!
    "You're attracted to the girl? It happens, bud. MOST of the times... ."
  • Cohabitation
    "And when I was just about to open our apartment's door, the man living next door came to us and started to yell at how rude we were and path..."
  • Who has a 3DS/3DS XL?
    "I used to have a 3DS XL. I gave it away to my little nephew. To be honest, it was hilarious to play with it. "
  • "Good thing. Because my brother broke both his legs and left arm once, because of break dancing. He looked pathetic. "
    "*grabs another bag of potato chips* I shouldn't really be snacking though."
    "*munches at potato chips*"
  • "In fact, everyone in the house thinks that you're insane when you do that. ."
  • Something weird.
    "Caffeine is an addiction. When you give your body caffeine everyday, your body wants to have it everyday. Once you don't, you feel the heada..."

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