Truth or Dare? ;)

Hi guys. Welcome to my truth or dare quiz. Now, for this to actually be entertaining, you must comment. C'mon, we're all friends here and everybody loves truth or dare. :D

Well, the first paragraph pretty much explained what's going on. You may continue to the quiz now... if you're even reading this. I have a feeling you aren't. Meh.

Created by: Firey_Soul
  1. Truth or Dare?
  2. If you picked truth, you must now choose a number.
  3. If you picked dare, you must now choose a number.
  4. Here's a challenge for ya. Answer all the truths and do all the dares. I will do that too. If you do this, you win a virtual hug. (>^-^)> And if you comment a quiz idea, I might just make that quiz and give you a shout out. Just putting that out there.
  5. The rest of the questions will just be random crap. You may read them if you wish... or not.
  6. Actually, the random crap is probably not going to be that funny.
  7. I'm really close to dying of boredom. How do you guys expect me to entertain you when I can't think of a damn witty thing to say?
  8. Yeah... just skip the rest of these.
  9. Just one more...
  10. Ready?

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